The Rules

Mike and Jared will be competing on 10 different 18-hole courses over the course of the 2013 golf season.  Between the two of them there will be a 5 bets: Loser pays winner of each round $100; $50 to lowest score on front 9; $50 to lowest score on back 9; $100 to winner of most holes; $100 to winner of most 18-hole rounds (this includes bragging rights as the 2013 Hammer Dick Tour Champion)!  

Before each round you'll be able to vote for who you think will win the that week.  Whichever player gets the least amount of votes will have to bring $50 cash to the course for his opponent.   Also we'll want at least a foursome each weekend. So, if my math is correct, there are 20 open slots throughout the season.  We also want you to vote where we play the final, Championship round.  And if you want to part of the action, just sign up and we'll be in touch.  Front, back and side bets welcome.